What I think would be cool Apple Watch apps

I recently read @andrewchen’s blog post about “The race for Apple Watch’s killer app”. He talks about the Law of Shitty Clickthroughs (TL;DR: Over time, all marketing strategies result in shitty clickthrough rates.) and how the emergence of the new Apple Watch platform will open up new opportunities for developers/startups to experiment and come up with cool stuff.

This got me thinking.

What apps would I want to see on the Apple Watch?

I believe technology retards our social skills. Phone calls got reduced to texts, which got reduced to 140 characters, which then got reduced to disappearing photos!

I’m hoping the Apple Watch could be the tool that improves it. Not the other way around. Here’s how I see it being done. (p.s.: Both these apps are meant to be companion apps and not standalone apps)

App #1:

An app that allows both parent and child to interact with a fun game at the same time. This could be a companion app to a Side-scrolling runner game like the one below

I’d like to see the companion app being used as an input device to control the character in the side-scrolling game.

Parent with Apple Watch sits opposite from child who has an iPad. Child narrates the scenario and tells parent to “jump!”, “slide!”, “run faster!” and the parent swipes the corresponding input on the Apple Watch screen to make the character move.

I think that could be a fun little app that builds not only the child’s communication skills but also the bond between parent and child. Picturing that scenario with the parent and child just puts a smile on my face.

App #2:

An app that allows parent and child to pretend to be spies!

Hear me out. I’d like to see an app that allows a parent to narrate something into the Apple Watch. The Apple Watch app then converts that narration into Morse code that blinks on the screen.


Something like this but on the front of the screen

And the child would use an iPad camera to receive the light input, and see what the corresponding message would be. How cool would it be to play spies in a huge house with the lights turned off? Pretty cool, I’d say!

It would be a cool little intro to Morse code for the child and it’s something the parent could use as an opportunity for a bonding moment.

We’ve all got to learn morse code!

These are just 2 ideas that I thought a cool Apple Watch app could do. I’d love to hear your thoughts on what you think. If you’re hard at work, racing the clock to get an Apple Watch app out at the launch, I’d love to hear about that too!

Good luck!