Silence Notifications with 3D Touch

I hate the seemingly mindless notifications that some apps send to me. For example, just for the simple Qoo10 app (which happens to be one of my go-to shopping apps), I get bombarded with push notifications pretty frequently and it’s really annoying. How many different things can someone actually be interested in?! See example below:
Notification Overload

Now, you might just say, if it bothers you so much, turn it off. Sounds simple enough, doesn’t it?

I have lots of apps on my phone and here’s what it looks like to turn off the notifications:

Scrolling through apps


That whole process took more than 10 seconds. Really unnecessary, if you asked me. And that’s because I knew where to look for it, and was just trying to record it under 15 seconds.
With the 3D touch feature built into the new iPhones, this whole scenario could be sorted in less than a couple of seconds.
Mock 3D Touch Menu


“The best quick actions anticipate and accelerate a user’s interaction with your app.” – iOS Developer Library
Here’s how it could possibly be implemented:
  1. Apple makes it a rule in the developer rulebook to include 2 additional options should they adopt 3D touch in their app
  2. Apple creates a blanket rule that’s been embedded into the 3D touch API
After giving it some thought, I don’t think this could possibly be implemented. Apple is already seen as too controlling of their ecosystem. By including more roadblocks to developers, it would only frustrate them and possibly cause them to move on to develop for other platforms. A rule like this would only prevent developers from reactivating inactive users through push notifications and I don’t think it would be well received.

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