#OneWeekPM – Product Spec – Messaging Styled Learning App

Messaging Styled Learning App

Author Name: 
Joshua Ooi

Team Members: 

There is little differentiation between Learning Management System (LMS) providers. At the end of the day, it’s a storage space for learning content. The main problem we are facing is that employees don’t use the LMS on their own. Lots of companies talk about building a culture of self-learning in their employees, and providing them with the tools to self learn, but when an employee gets caught up in their day-to-day activities, most times, learning is not at the top of their mind. However, if employees stopped to think about it, if they learned and became more productive at their work, they would be able to finish up their work faster as they became more efficient.

This app is meant to be an interface to existing Learning Management Systems and provide companies a creative way to deliver learning to their employees. It is not meant to replace any Learning Management System that is currently out there.

The app will connect to an employees calendar and understand contextually where down times/travel times are, and with that knowledge, prompt the employee at the appropriate times to check out a short learning activity (i.e. 5 minute video, short quiz to refresh memory). The app will utilise a familiar messaging interface to minimise resistance to learning and using a new app.

With regular usage of short learning activities which pique the employee’s interest, the hope is for employees to fully utilise the Learning Management System more proactively.


The goal is to differentiate PageUp as a technology leader in the HR space through the innovative use of technology

Success Metrics:
Utilisation Rate of the Learning Management System 

  1. Increase in the total number of completed Learning Activities in the organisation
  2. Increase in the total number of active users on the Learning Management System

Target Audience:
Salespeople in the organisation. These people are always on the go and would benefit to use this app in between meetings that they are running to.

Young graduate employees that have just joined the organisation. They will be more technologically savvy and be motivated to complete learning activities as a means to develop themselves for future roles.


User Need
User Story
Launch Phase
Salesperson needs to be kept updated of any new sales tactics/research in order to close sales more effectively
As a salesperson, I want to be able to be prompted when I’m travelling with a timely update so that I will be able to receive bite sized learning content which will allow me to close sales more effectively

Please view designs at this link: https://invis.io/HM75VZPA2


Launch/Roll-Out Plan & Timeline:
Roll out the MVP to the salespeople in the organisation to allow testing to begin in 12 weeks and collect feedback